Escrow services is a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives and disburses money or property for the primary transacting parties, with the disbursement dependent on conditions agreed to by the transacting parties.

Why is the Escrow service on Greenmarket?
To reduce the risk of falling into fraudulent hands and to also boost the confidence of buyers.

 How it works.

  1. Buyer and seller agree to terms.
  2. Buyer submits payment to GM Escrow Account.
  3. The Seller delivers goods or services to the buyer.
  4. Buyer approves goods or services.
  5. GM Escrow releases funds to the seller.

 Who Is Escrow For?
Greenmarket Escrow services is for you buyers and sellers 

Green Market Escrow Services Charges.

A commission shall be charged by GM Escrow Services, this commission varies with the total amount involved in the transaction.
The buyer will be charged the below commission…

  • A transaction between N500 – N50, 000 accrue a commission of 5%
  • A transaction between N50, 500 – N500, 000 accrue a commission of 2% 
  • A transaction between N500, 500 and above accrue a commission of 1%

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Send a message to [email protected] for further inquiry.